How it works

Welcome to Fitness Soul!

Now, let’s answer some common questions:

  1. Do I have to be in shape to join? No, you don’t need to be in shape to join us. We welcome people at all fitness levels, whether you’re just starting or have been active for a while. We create a supportive environment where you can go at your own pace.

  2. What kind of results can I expect? The results depend on a few things, like how committed and consistent you are. Our experienced trainers will work closely with you to create a plan just for you. If you follow the plan and put in the effort, you can expect to get stronger, improve your endurance, and see changes in your body composition.

  3. How often should I come? The number of times you come will depend on your goals, schedule, and what works best for you. When we talk more in-depth, we’ll look at your fitness level and discuss your goals. Then we can recommend a schedule that fits your lifestyle and helps you progress.

  4. What membership plan is right for me? Deciding on a membership plan is something we’ll figure out together. We’ll consider your goals, preferences, and budget. Our goal is to find a plan that gives you the right support, access to our facilities, and guidance from our trainers.


We’re excited to talk to you and help you on your health and fitness journey!


Nothing. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or it’s the first time you have ever stepped foot in a gym, this is your starting point.


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34 Tennent Street, EH6 5NA, Edinburgh, UK