Green Wonder Juice to boost your immune system

If you feel you are getting a cold or  you already have a cold. Try my vibrant juice recipe to strengthen your immune system. You will need a juicer to make it. Enjoy your juicing experience 🙂

xxx  Joanna ☼

Recipe for a 3 glasses of juice (share it with you family )

6  apples

1/2  medium size pineapple

1 lemon (with rind)

1 small packet (60 g) of spinach

5 sticks  celery

2 teaspoons powdered ginger  (or about 2cm of fresh one)

1 teaspoon powdered cinnamon

The juice  packed with nutrients not only will help you to fight the cold. It  helps your body, hair and skin to be vibrant and healthy.

Here are just few benefits of the ingredients I used:

The apples, pineapple, celery,  lemon  are powerhouse of antioxidant vitamin C which helps to boost  your immune system. Spinach is loaded with carotenoids, which the body converts to  vitamin A to trigger response to fight infections. Celery will help to flush out our system also it will keep your energy level high. Ginger and cinnamon those spices are warming and soothing and they are great remedy to fight  colds and fever.






By Leszek Stelmachowski

Full-Time Coach / Part-Time Artist
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