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Hand Size Portions – Burn Fat Fast

How much should I eat?

At Fitness Soul we don’t count calories or weigh our food. Instead, we measure our food by hand (as recommended by Precision Nutrition)

Hands are:

  • portable – take them to the restaurant, holidays
  • scaled to the individual – small hands = smaller body = less food 
  • provide a reasonable amount of nutrient-dense foods without the need for weighting them.
So how much should I eat per day? 
It depends on your goals, genes, metabolism, overall activity level etc. 

The good place to start is:

For women:

  • 4-6 portions of protein
  • 4-6 portions of vegetables
  • 4-6 portions of carbs
  • 4-6 portions of fat

For men:

  • 6-8 portions of protein
  • 6-8 portions of vegetables
  • 6-8 portions of carbs
  • 6-8 portions of fat

You need to adjust your portions according to your needs and goals.

For example:

If you want to lose body fat or you are very inactive – remove few portions of carbs and/or few portions of fats from a few meals.

(1/2-1 portion for women) (1-2 portion for men)

how to burn fat fast
how to burn fat quickly

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