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We are thrilled we could fully reopen the Fitness Soul Studio on Monday 31 August, following the Government’s announcement.

We have decided that we will still Livestream all the classes, at least for now. And we will keep doing this until necessary. 
When booking the class, please choose “In the Studio” if you want to exercise with in-studio, face to face or “Livestream”, to exercise online. 

Please notice slight changes in class times to allow cleaning and avoid congestions in the corridors and waiting areas. 

Also, you will notice floor markings, (handmade hearts, with love from Joanna), to ensure space between members. 

Because of the limited number of participants will be allowed to the class, the booking priority have those on memberships. So if you haven’t done it yet, please consider jumping on one of the plans. 

The prices went up but we have also intorduced a special online memebrships. Those on current membership, your price will get capped, and you will never pay more! If you missed getting a better deal and you are regural Fitness Souler message us.

Safety; it’s a team effort! 

Please respect our new procedures to protect your safety and that of others.

* Do not come to the Club if you feel unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms.

* Cancel your booking if you’re unable to attend so your fellow members can benefit. 

* The changing room is closed. Please come in your fitness gear ready to exercise. 

* Use our hand sanitiser stations as you arrive at the studio and throughout your visit. Wash your hands as often as possible.

* Use the heart symbol as your spot.

* Wipe down any equipment after use. 

*If you arrive earlier than 5 minutes before the class, please wait in your car or outside. Our waiting area is closed to avoid congestion.

*Please bring your own mat, we want to avoid people sharing them as they are hard to clean and dry.

*If you are coming with kids to the studio, they need to be in the same room as you and you need to supervise them through the class.

* Please be patient and observe all notices. 

Thank you so much! Now when we have all the rules covered, relax and enjoy your class :-)

We hope to see you soon.

Joanna, Leszek and Fitness Soul Team 

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