How To Check for Diastasis Recti

Diastasis Recti

If you just had a baby or it’s been a few months or even years, and you still look like you are pregnant. You might have diastasis recti. 

What is it? Diastasis means separation and Recti is your rectus abdominis muscles – basically your tummy.

It defines as the gap, and it might happen when the belly stretches during the pregnancy. It happens more often if its another child, especially if the next pregnancy it is very close to the previous one. You are more likely to get it if you are having twins or a heavy baby or you are over 35. 

If often comes back after having a birth but sometimes it doesn’t. 

Here is how to check it:

1. Lie down on the floor with your knees bend and feet shoulder-width apart.

2. Try to have your back flat on the floor.

3. Find your belly button and place the other hand behind your head.

4. Lift your head and shoulders gently so your abs muscles contract.

5. Slide your fingers above the belly button and below it. You should feel linea alba (the midline between your abs muscles). The muscles usually connect. If they don’t, measure the depth of the gap and width of the gap with your fingers. If you just had a baby and it’s less than two fingers it’s ok, with exercise and reconnecting with your body as well as eating nutritious food it should come back. 

If it’s bigger than that and you just had a baby with proper postnatal core strengthening exercise programs like our Core-Fix we use on our FitMamas classes and healthy food you can restore your core muscles. If it’s been a while and nothing changes or the gap is very deep and wide see the Women’s Physio.

If you can’t make to the class reguraly arrange the appoitment with our Post Natal Coach, who will screan you an set you up on home healing journey or check out the MUTU program

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