How To Choose The Best Gym?


Let’s talk about the gym.
Better, let’s talk about the best gym!

What is the best gym?

Is the one with the best equipment? No
Is the one with the cheapest membership? No
Is the one with the best coaches? No

So what is it?

The best gym… is the one you visit on a regular basis.
This is the best gym for you.

You might ask, how do I look for the gym like this?

Well, if I would look for the place to train, I would first visit few places, hang around for a week or two in each of them.

I would pay close attention to:

  • do I like the atmosphere,
  • are people friendly and passionate
  • do they care about me and my goals,
  • do they champion a holistic approach: body, soul and mind?
  • do coaches remember my name,
  • is parking easy,
  • is this a small, locally run business
  • do they have a proven record of helping people like me
  • can I meet owners?

And if I answered those questions yes, I would go ahead.

Now, your turn, let me know why you decided to become a member of your current gym?

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