How To Decide Which Personal Trainer Is Best For You?


Are you looking for a personal trainer in Edinburgh? Use this guide to find your perfect match! 

1. Find out what’s your trainer fitness speciality.

Your personal trainer should focus on you, not himself. You are the hero of the story; he is just there to help you reach your goal, to take you from point A, the place you are in now, to point B, the place where you want to get. 

Make sure the coach you are hiring has experience working with clients like you, and with similar goals. It takes an entirely different skill set to bulk up before a bodybuilding competition and to get you ready for a first 10 km run or help you change your lifestyle.

2. How to identify their area of expertise? Ask those questions:

  • What kind of training and exercises will we be doing in our sessions?
  • How many sessions per week would you suggest we have and why?
  • Do you give nutritional and dietary advice?
  • Will you give me a rough guide on time frames when I can expect hitting my goals?

3. How does he assess new clients?

You need to know where you are now before planning a trip to a fitter, healthier you. 

Assessments should ideally cover both your technical ability to perform the essential movements like a hinge, squat, push, pull and your body composition.

4. When to become immediately sceptical.

  • If on the first sessions, before working with you on establishing a healthy lifestyle and eating habits with real foods, trainer wants to sell supplements, run, fast! 
  • If he promises too good to be true results – again, run!
  • When she is rude, shouting, or being late, don’t even waste your time.
  • Your trainer should listen more and speak less
  • Trainer doesn’t offer a free personal training consultation? No deal! 

5. Leave your credit cards at home.

Hiring a personal trainer is a very emotional thing. By leaving your wallet at home, you will not feel obligated to ad hoc decision. The trainer should give you all the information you need and allow time for you to make to right chose. 

6. Check online reviews and activities and ask for references. 

Have a nosey online and search your trainer name. Look for reviews, articles, qualifications. 

Ask for 2 or 3 references. Your trainer should give you a list of his previous or current clients you can phone.


Most people struggle with getting fit, sticking to the fitness routine and keeping the weight off. 
Personal training Edinburgh at Fitness Soul helps you with achieving your personal health goals through nutrition and exercise so as a result you can look, feel and perform to your best and finally live with optimal health!

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