How to Get Ready for Livestream Fitness Class – Manual for class participant


Fitness world has changed. Instructors, personal trainer, coaches, and even whole studios have moved online to carry on their mission: helping people to be mentally and physically strong and healthy.

It this post you, a class participant, will learn how to get the best experience on the live-streamed fitness session.

1. Book your class in advance!
Especially if you are new to live-stream classes, make sure to book your first class way ahead, so you can figure out how things work.

2. Check the booking procedures with the studio

Get familiar with what you need to do. Usually, there are a few steps. For us, at Fitness Soul you book via timetable on our web. Once you book you will receive an auto-email with streaming details and link. Make sure to check the SPAM box for this email and contact if you didn’t.

3. Read the email with the instructions.
That sounds pretty simple but some things can be missed. Make sure you know what platform the stream will be on, and if you need to create a profile on this platform! For us, at Fitness Soul, we use mostly ZOOM.

4. Get familiar with the streaming platform.

Create a login and password. Use your real name (not a nickname) so the host can verify you easily. Play with the platform before (that’s a great opportunity to catch up with a friend while you trying it out). Check the email, can you see the link/meeting ID and a password for the meeting?

5. Decided what device you will be streaming on!

For better experience use a bigger screen of your PC or laptop rather than your phone. You can also connect your phone to your TV.

6. Improve streaming quality.

You need good quality internet to watch streamings.
To make your connection better, disconnect other devices from WiFi in your household. I know it might be not practical if there are more people staying with you. But if you can this would be great. If you are using laptop connect with an ethernet cable rather than wifi. It will help with the quality too.

7. Get ready for the class.
Find out what fitness equipment you will need and decide what you will be wearing. At Fitness Soul we might ask you to get ready a few loo rolls, some bean cans, a broomstick and other everyday use stuff :-).

8. Dress Code.

Wear similar stuff you would wear for a class at the studio; leggings, tracksuit bottoms or shorts and a top. Whatever you are comfortable with. Personally, I am sweating more at home. So I wear shorts and a sleeveless top. Wear trainers too, unless advised barefoot by your instructor. If you dress up as for your regular workout (rather than wearing jeans or being in pyjamas ;-)) you will work harder.

9. Few hours before the class.

Create a perfect environment.
Make sure you have space to dance. Move things like table, lamps, shelves which might be on your way. If you have a rug, fold it and put it away.
Switch off the heating and open up the windows (unless its a gentle relaxation class or a hot yoga you are doing ;-)). You need a colder environment for the workout. Still too hot? Create a draft opening another window.

10. 1 h to 15 minutes before the class.

Dress up, switch on your laptop, and wait for the opening of the session. We usually open the Zoom room 10-15 minutes before the class.

11. A few minutes before.

Follow the streaming link (or enter the meeting ID), then enter the meeting password. You might be put in the “waiting room” (this is how we do it). Once we verify you, we will let you in.

12. We are connected!

Check if you can hear and see your instructor. Also, check your camera and sound. The instructor might mute the class participants so everyone can hear the instructions and music better. You might be asked to switch off the cameras too to improve the connection. You might want to do it if the speed of your internet is poor. But here at Fitness Soul, we ask you to keep it on if the connection is ok, as we love seeing everyone’s happy faces also on conditioning classes we can fix your technique.

13. Enjoy your class!

You are a rockstar for supporting your local instructor.

They are doing their best to keep you active and healthy.

But unfortunately, during those tough times, they are the ones who will take the biggest blow. If you like them, help them now so when we are past the virus, you will be able to train with them again, the same way as before.


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