How to Help the Planet One Refill at the Time with Kelly Wright.

This is a story about the highly paid executive who wanted to save the world, so she risked everything, quit her corporate job and now helps the planet one refill at the time.

Today we are meeting with very a brave women, who is on the big mission of saving the world, one refiel at the time.
So now Kelly is a very succesful small business owner. But when I met her first, few years ago, she had job and pension. And then, one day, she  decided to risk everything.  She has quit her well paid job, solid pension, business car, regulated work hours, paid holidays…
Why would she do it?
She did all that because she believes that the way we are handling the plastic problem is wrong. The receicling will not make the problem go away. 
Listen to the podcast to learn what is the better way. 
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The Refillery – a plastic free grocery and ethical goods store now open in Edinburgh.

By Leszek Stelmachowski

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