How to Recover after Covid and How to Make 2022 Your Year?


For the last ten days, I have been ill with covid.

I didn’t feel too awful, but as I never get sick, feeling anything other than 100% was very annoying. For ten days, I was stuck at home, bored to bones, with a slightly elevated temperature and lack of energy.

My whole life was put on hold, and I had too much time to waste. I watched too many stupid youtube videos and read the news which is never a good idea.

Now it feels like all my fitness and motivation is gone.

I know it’s not true, but I cannot imagine running 10km at this moment or taking the bike for 100km spin, something before covid I would do on a regular basics.

To get unstuck, I am planning to apply the only thing I know, daily, progressive movement, a good diet and mindfulness practice.

I know that the first few days back will be the hardest.

It will take a couple of days to warm up, another couple to establish habits and a few more to start enjoying the daily activity.

You are moving from inactivity to activity, which takes a lot of mental energy and motivation.

It is hard, but not impossible, and it’s worth it. It is crucial to stick to the plan.

And I have the plan. It is called FS Transform, and it is a 12-week Ultimate Mind & Body Transformation Plan we have been preparing with Joanna for the New Year for our members.

I am a little bit ahead, tweaking and trying this out first, so in January, we will be ready to invite you to join us.

Don’t expect magic pills, secret exercises and crash diets. Nope.

Instead, you will get a proven combination of fast-paced hit, strength training, diet and mindfulness practice to make massive changes to your physique, energy levels and happiness.

What’s not to like?

We are planning to open the course to the public in the first weeks of January, but if you would like to sneaky in before and take advantage of early birds prices, comment below: I want in!

Lets crush 2022 together.


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