I Am From Leith


Our coach Leszek shares his Leith story. 

When 13 years ago I arrived in Scotland, I spend my first ever night on UK soil in the magical area called Leith.

I immediately fell in love with this place. Let me show you why!

I ended up renting here and then eventually I bought my own place, in the middle of Leith, just off the Ocean Terminal, and the buzzing Shore. 

This place, always humming with people, ideas, races, inclusion. It has its dark history of drugs and violence, but those only add the spice to the mix.

I am feeling like at home here. This is my home.

So when 5 years ago, with my wife, we decided to open our own fitness studio, there was no discussion about the location. We knew it has to be Leith.

At this time, our small budget didn’t allow us to move into the prime, high street location but we found a good size place right in the centre of the business park at Tennant Street, just of the Leith Walk.

The previous occupants, The Highland Lift Service, have been operated here from 1988. Unfortunately, they went busted, and space was unoccupied for a couple of years.

The industrial feel works very well with what we offer.  The building is very simple. There is no fancy elevation, there are no lavish interiors. You will not find tv screens on the walls here nor the fancy machines.

There are no distractions here stopping you from getting better. It was an instant hit.

You come to Fitness Soul Studio for a good workout, to get stronger and healthier. But this is only a small part of what we stand for. I think that our uniqueness is in the inclusive atmosphere, community feel and the team like support. You will meet friends here, you will learn how to live and love fitness and healthy lifestyle here. 

The community, the connection. It is far more than fitness, it is the way you live.

It is early morning when everyone else is in bed, the Fitness Soul Bootcamp is finishing their shift. This guys understand the power of early morning workout, get it done, and then face the day.

Later, before the lunch, the mums and babies of Leith taking over, creating a great vibe and community at Fitmamas Class.

In between the lunch and the evening activities, the studio turns into the boutique one to one personal training studio.

Later, in the evening, we get busy again, when most of the classes are taken place.

Choose dance, happiness, smile, choose Zumba, Konga and Pound.

Choose strength, power and health, choose Kettlebells, Strong Club and Cross Training.

If you are looking for another boring gym, look somewhere else.

But if you are looking to get fit and happy for life, vibrant community choose Fitness Soul.

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