Getting Started

We help busy people to get active and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong and become the best version of themselves.


What’s included?

Price – £19.90

Welcome to Fitness Soul, a fitness studio where the exercise is fun and the results are real!

At Fitness Soul we exercise not only our bodies but also our minds because we need both to be strong to be able to find our true human essence – a beautiful soul.

We believe that taking care of the body is our right and our duty. That’s why we are using cutting-edge, science-proven methods and the best tools available to get into the best shape possible.

It’s a lifelong commitment that starts with understanding that we should be proud of our bodies. We are committed and determined. We show up every day to practice, exercise and learn but also to meet new interesting people, to share new ideas, to laugh and play.

It is in the middle of the hard set, when your heart is racing and you are gasping for breath, that the Fitness Soul magic happens. When you look across the room, you see people from all walks of life, successful entrepreneurs, nurses, full-time mums and students, sharing the same experience, working on the same goals, being in the moment.

The colour of your skin, your profession, how much your earn don’t matter here, as long you leave your ego outside. We are all friends, brothers in arms, Soul Warriors.