It Takes Courage To Turn Up To A Fitness Class


Spring is here!

In Scotland, that means it starts raining instead of snowing. Snowdrops, wild garlic, those multicoloured jobs that I think are crocuses but possibly they are frangipani… I’m no David Attenborough. They are nice anyway.


Spring is all about rebirth, wee green shoots sneakily weaving their merry way through the winter pandemonium. No matter how harsh the winter, somehow nature manages to grow stuff under the iron hardened earth, quietly, unobtrusively and without any perceptible encouragement.


Change is hard.


At Bootcamp, and at Fitness Soul, people are trying to change. And I suppose, at lesser fitness establishments too. People try to give up smoking, to lose weight, to improve, to become healthier.


But change is scary too.


It takes courage to turn up to a fitness class. There are those at Bootcamp who know they are going to nail it. Who look through flinty eyes of steel at the kettlebells, the club bells; those for whom the pull-up and dip and burpee hold no fear. But, there are others. There are those who turn up, genuinely intimidated by the environment, the idea, and the people. For whom the idea of being at a gym is scary and who are slightly wibbly-lipped at quite how far they might be expected to travel outside their comfort zone in today’s class.
So here is a wee secret. If this is you, I admire you the most.
It’s easy to line up at the start line when you know you’ll make the finish.


As Edwin Morgan wrote

who admits he’s fought until he’s won, and drawn the victory into anecdote or hung it by the fire upon a strong


It is the people for whom change is the hardest, the most dangerous, the most frightening, who most deserve our respect and our welcome.
So as spring begins, the mornings are light and the green shoots of change begin to imagine they might become a little more than they are now. They add much-needed colour to the world.


Here at Fitness Soul, we have created a free online starter pack –– aimed at you if the idea of turning up at an exercise class is still a wee bit out of reach. But when you are ready, we welcome and admire you!


You will be amongst friends.

See you soon!

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