Why Most Of The Gyms Are Boring?


”Join the gym!”

This must be the first thought in the mind of someone who decided to get fit, start moving, lose weight.
And they do, they join the gym, full of the hopes and ready to work.
And even though they start highly motivated, staggering 90% will quit in the first 3 months.
I think it’s not their fault.

Most of the gyms are boring. They have TV and shiny machines, but they lack the soul. It’s almost as they are set up the way to make you fail.


I’ve just spent 45min in the gym today.


In between Joanna’s assessments, she uses me at her study for personal training qualification, I tried to train. It’s Saturday, my long cycle day, and I needed to move.
But only after 15 min on the treadmill, I had enough. When outdoors, I can run for hours, discovering new trails, and here, 15 min of trotter on the machine has killed me. Even the fast intervals didn’t help. Boring and felt pointless.


So I’ve jumped on the rower instead. I was following the path of another, clearly gym user. He beat me, he managed 10min. I had enough after 8 min. I’ve switched again, this time to the stationary bike. The massive screen in the front of my eyes was showing bake off TV programme. I’ve given up.

The guy I was following was into the interval training now. 12 reps on the chest machine, 2 min scrolling on his mobile, another 12 reps, another 2 min on Instagram. He will have dooms tomorrow, in his thumbs!


My point is, don’t just do the gym.


Plan for a big adventure, be creative, find friends who are into same activity, start hiking, learn how to swim, find something fun. Possibilities are endless. Your heart doesn’t know the difference between running on the treadmill and running in the beautiful wild forest. But your head know. Give yourself a chance!



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