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7 Main Reasons Why Joining Fitness Soul Might Be The Worst Decision In Your Life!


Are you considering joining Fitness Soul?
Before committing, check out 7 Main Reasons Why This Might Be The Worst Decision In Your Life!

  1. We are pretty expensive; our unlimited membership is £75
  2. Classes are busy, and we will ask you to book in advance via our mobile app
  3. We don’t have any machines, just simple weights, kettlebells and the floor for Zumba!
  4. It might be pretty cold inside, especially in the mornings
  5. The instructors are likely to make you do burpees
  6. The instructors get to know their clients too well; it’s become too personal!
  7. You will go to the gym all the time and then turn into one of those people who live in their gym clothes.

If those above don’t put you off, Join Fitness Soul today!

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