Fix your lower back pain with improving mobility in thoracis spine and the hip!


Do you know what are the primary needs of the main joints in your body? Why fixing mobility issuses of your hips and ankles will help with lower back pain – joint by joint approach explained. 


The picture above looks at the body on a joint-by-joint basis from the bottom up.

”The first thing you should notice is the joints alternate between mobility and stability. The ankle needs increased mobility, and the knee needs increased stability… ‘The ankle is a joint that should be mobile and when it becomes immobile, the knee, a joint that should be stable, becomes unstable; the hip is a joint that should be mobile and it becomes immobile, and this works its way up the body. The lumbar spine should be stable; it becomes mobile, and so on, right on up through the chain.”- Michael Boyle, Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes

The implication is simple – if you have a problem with one of the joints, you have to look at the joints above and below. Fixing the problems in those will release the pain! So for example, if you have lower back pain try to restore mobility of your ankles and hips.

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