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”We can just do it. But you will not listen to me will you?”

A typical exchange between couples, usually ended with a herumph and the slamming of a door.

This month, I’ve been thinking about choices. When given two alternatives, one clearly healthy and the other not, it should be obvious which path to take.

Yet we make the wrong choice all the time it seems. Why?

We know cigarettes cost us money and give us cancer, but we smoke.
We know chocolate, cakes and fizzy juice makes us fat and unhealthy.

And conversely, we know Zumba makes us happy, exercise gives us the body, athletic performance and lifestyle we want, and a healthy diet give us energy, health, and a glossy coat.

So why do we make bad choices? Is it because they are easier or more satisfying? Or something else?

It will undoubtedly surprise loyal readers of this blog to learn that the quote at the start was addressed to me. And was uttered by Leszek (he of this parish). I know I need to work on rehab and mobility. I don’t need another coach to tell me this. I need to do less “crazy workouts” and more focused flexibility if I want to actually be able to tie my shoelaces by the time I am 50. So why don’t I do it? Why do we make unhealthy choices? I’d love to know what people think – why do we make bad choices? PM me or comment below to help shape the course of our planning.

At Fitness Soul, our goal is to provide not only those healthy option, but, increasingly, to create a movement for change.
We want to start to provide the tools for our clients to more reliably make those healthy choices.
We want to not only have a gym, but help you choose to be there, even when something good is on TV, it’s raining, or beer is BOGOF at the festival.

We are making plans, so watch this space!





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