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Kettlebell Basics Class | Virtual Class

Have you ever wonder what we are up to on the Kettlebell Basics Class? Or have you missed yesterday’s kettlebell class?
No problem, you can still do your workout!

Join our virtuall class!

0:14 – Joint Mobiliti https://youtu.be/qou6IgXSc5w?t=14s
2:44 – Warm Up https://youtu.be/qou6IgXSc5w?t=2m44s
10:53 – Main Workout Explanation https://youtu.be/qou6IgXSc5w?t=10m53s
12:40 – Marin Workout Starts https://youtu.be/qou6IgXSc5w?t=12m40s
30:05 – Cool Down, Decompression. https://youtu.be/qou6IgXSc5w?t=30m5s