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Welcome to the Kettlebell Lab!

Having taught numerous workshops and classes over the years it has come to our attention, that despite the tremendous interest in Kettlebells, very few people understand the unique qualities of the kettlebell and know how to use them safely, effectively and with technical proficiency.

The Kettlebell Lab is here to change all that with a series of dedicated workshops that introduce participants to real Kettlebell training and technique.

The fact is, when used correctly, kettlebell training is unique, providing numerous benefits, helping users improve their endurance, drop weight and move pain free.

So what’s the issue?

Kettlebells require skill. Your coaches, Leszek Stelmachowski, Kettlebell Sport athlete & coach and founder of the Edinburgh Kettlebell Club (Scotland’s first dedicated Kettlebell Gym), and Rannoch Donald, founder of Kettlebells Scotland and Scotland’s first RKC and IKFF instructor, have broken down the essential Kettlebell lifts into a series of dedicated workshops.

Each Lab will focus on one or two complimentary moves. The Kettlebell Lab progresses naturally from the absolute foundation, the Kettlebell Swing, through to more challenging moves and techniques.

What’s new?

Rather than cram everything into a few hours and expect participants to remember what they’ve been shown, The Kettlebell Lab provides a series of progressive workshops. As each move is learned, practiced and perfected the next Lab leads logically onto developing a new skill.

Who is this for?

The Kettlebell Lab is for new & experienced users*.

  • If you’ve not tried kettlebells before, we will be getting you training safely and effectively.
  • If you have some experience we can help you move your training and technique to the next level.
  • If you are a personal trainer, coach or martial artist we will show you how to efficiently, effectively and safely introduce kettlebells into your training.

*If you are considering doing a certification The Kettlebell Lab will ensure you get the most out of it.

While each Lab can be taken independently we suggest serious user’s progress through the individual labs to ensure the highest level of technique and coaching.

LAB 1 -Squat, Swing

The kettlebell squat and the swing are the foundations of kettlebell training. With these two moves alone, you can create a superb workout.

LAB2 -Clean, Press, Push Press

These drills are the natural progression introducing pushing motions for upper body training.

LAB3 -Turkish Get Up

One of the most technically challenging yet rewarding kettlebell drills, the Turkish Get Up is a total body exercise.

LAB4 -Clean and Jerk Sport

Introducing the athletic component of Kettlebell training. For those interested in expanding their use of kettlebells.

LAB 5 – Snatch

The Snatch a measure of total body power. Next to the swing it is perhaps the most essential lift but should only be practised once participants have a solid understanding of the basics.

Lab 6 – Total KB Athlete

This workshop is open to anyone who has attended Lab 1 through 5, where we address individual training and development.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to make you a better athlete.