FREE Introduction to Kettlebells Workshop

FREE Introduction to Kettlebells Workshop

This introductory workshop is for anyone, beginners of experienced trainers, who wants to find out why kettlebells are considered one of the most effective training tools and how to master the essential kettlebell lifts.

Kettlebells are SIMPLE. But they are not EASY. This is an opportunity to learn how to SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY lay the foundations for a lifetimes healthy lifting.

(This workshop a prerequisite to attending our forthcoming K1 and K2 kettlebell workshops)

Kettlebell Basics will provide the tools needed to effectively begin your Kettlebell practice, with a focus on safety and solid fundamentals that take the guess work out of Kettlebell training.

Workshop is run by Leszek Stelmachowski, head coach at Edinburgh Kettlebell Club and Rannoch Donald. 100 Rep Challenge. Both coach has an extensive back ground in kettlebell training and sport. Rannoch was Scotland’s First RKC Certified Coach and instrumental in introducing kettlebells here. Leszek has been at the forefront of Kettlebell Sport, regualrly coaching athletes and competitors.

We promise you a fun, unique and educational introduction!


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By Leszek Stelmachowski

Full-Time Coach / Part-Time Artist
I will help you reach your full potential.