oldDay 18

Day 18: Play

"Being playful is a key component in making us happier, healthier, more present and connected in all our relationships"

Merdith Sinclair


1. It’s  a play day! Let’s have some fun, let’ss be in the moment and  don’t care what others think! Do any 5 from the list below. Perhaps you can do them during the run or walk:

  1. Find a flower
  2. Spot a snail or an insect
  3. Count people wearing something yellow
  4. Count how many people you overtook
  5. Climb tree
  6. Jump in a mud puddle
  7. Wear 2 different colour shoes or socks
  8. Climb a hill 
  9. Walk barefoot outside beach or grass might be a good surface
  10. Water fight with someone
  11. Draw/write something with chalk on the pavement
  12. Sing silly songs
  13. Look for heart-shaped rocks, clouds or any other objects.
  14. Roll down a grass-covered hill
  15. Run at different speeds discover FARTLEK – run play.
  16. Smile to every person you meet
  17. Dust off your skipping rope
  18. Throw or kick a ball
  19.  Do a Handstand or Cartwheel
  20. Make up your own game

2. Read labels at the grocery store. If you aren’t planning to visit the shop today, check a few products from your cupboard and fridge.  Buy lower-sugar alternatives where possible. Increase fruits if you’re worried about sugar cravings. Do all your shopping on a full stomach..