oldDay 14

DAY 14: Recovery

''Rest days are just as important as exercise. In fact, a successful fitness regimen isn't complete without rest days. Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair. It's a critical part of progress, regardless of your fitness level or sport.''

from Healthline.com

We think that one recovery day is important. Don’t skip it! But if you have already been resting, you can think about today as a perfect time for a wee catch-up! Sprint, go long, lift weights, play: do whatever you have missed over last 7 days.

TASKS for today

1. There are a few things you could do on recovery day to help your body to recover better. Feel free to choose a few:

  • foam rolling – use a foam roller to get rid of tension in your muscles
  • massage – this might be not practical on Sunday, but perhaps you can ask your partner or a friend.
  • reset your alarm and sleep longer
  • go to spa
  • sauna or jacuzzi
  • swim in cold lake
  •  drink lots of water
  • eat nourishing food

2. Eat real food. 

  • We mentioned last week that our body recovers better if we give it nourishing food! Check last weeks  DAY 7 chapter for some ideas. 

3. Plan for the next week

  • review the last week (green, yellow, red system)
  • celebrate your achievements, let us know in the Whats App group what you are proud off.
  • make a plan for the next week: schedule each challenge in your day. Make a plan B if life gets on the way.
  • when grocery shopping get lots of green veggies for the next week.