oldDay 17

Day 17 - Speed Day, Post Workout Snack & Gratitude

Today it’s about going fast! You know what to do! If the running sprint don’t work for you, choose one of the other options from DAY 3



Warm up:

  • Join Mobility – move every single joint in your body
  • Cardio – Start a clock and jog for 5 minutes.
  • 10 reps Squats, 10 reps Lunges, 10 Skales (demo)

RUN sprint between 10 m – 60 m all out followed by 3min recovery. Ideally slightly uphill. Repeat
x 6-8 times
Yes, you need 3min to recover. If you don’t you will not push 100% next time!

Stretch & Cool Down:
Give yourself 3 min recovery before you start the stretching.

  • Forward Bend (demo)
  • Couch Stretch (demo) – 30s per side
  • Jefferson Curl (use heavy object, but not too heavy) (demo)

Last week we talked about eating proteins after your workout, and we asked you to calculate how much you should have (If you don’t remember, please go back to DAY 10). Today we want you to share your post-workout meals ideas.

Perhaps try a new exciting protein snack recipe or protein dinner recipe! Extra point if you include some green veggies in it 😉


Write down in your notepad three things you are grateful for today. You can share it with others, but you don’t have to.

Why: Gratitude brings us out of “survival mode” and into a greater sense of optimism because it expands our field of awareness.

No matter how bad our day was, we can always find things which we are grateful for. By practising gratitude every day we fill our mind with positivity. Some people see the glass half empty the others half-full. Let’s be the ones who see our glass always half full!