oldDay 23

Day 23 Hot & Cold

This is the 4th week in the row you are getting cold/hot therapy! 

Can you believe it?

Are you start feeling better about it? It is not that scary anymore, isn’t it?

And that’s the whole point. You have widened your body comfort zones, and you can thrive in different environments.

So push yourself a little bit more today… 5 sec longer under the cold shower, focus on breathing! 

To make progress, you need to gradually increase the length or intensity of the exercise. Otherwise, your body will get used to, and you will not improve.


  • Do your Hot or Cold challange and share your photos on social media! Be proud of you achievements. 
  • Last week we focus on protein breakfast. This week, try push it further, and try to eat proteins with all your meals. Can you managed?


If you need litttle refresher why we doing hot hold day. Go back to day 2