oldDay 24

Day 24 - Speed Day

Today it’s about going fast! You know what to do! If the running sprint don’t work for you, choose one of the other options from DAY 3



Warm up:

  • Join Mobility – move every single joint in your body
  • Cardio – Start a clock and jog for 5 minutes.
  • 10 reps Squats, 10 reps Lunges, 10 Skales (demo)

Speed play, FARTLEK

Fartlek is the Swedish for “speed play,” 

It is unstructured and varies between medium to strong efforts with easy efforts throughout.

After a warmup, you play with pace by moving at faster efforts for brief periods followed by easy-effort running to recover.

The goal is to keep it free-flowing, so you’re untethered to the stopwatch or a plan, and to run at more challenging efforts but not a particular pace. 

Keep it short and sweet, 30-40min, with few fast sprints sprinkled in. 


Stretch & Cool Down:
Give yourself 3 min recovery before you start the stretching.

  • Forward Bend (demo)
  • Couch Stretch (demo) – 30s per side
  • Jefferson Curl (use heavy object, but not too heavy) (demo)