Member of the Month – Josephine Racca – Nov 2016

Josephine Racca Member Since March 2016
Josephine Racca
Member Since March 2016

1. Favourite Classes

Kettlebell (sport and conditioning)

2. Hobbies

Spending time with friends and family. I also like traveling and exploring new cultures.

3. What made you decide to join Fitness Soul? 

I’ve always enjoyed working out but found difficult to motivate myself going to gym just to run on a treadmill like a hamster. I started going to Joanna’s Zumba class and found her enthusiasm so contagious!!! I then discovered Kettlebells with Leszek and Chris and found it to be a revelation.

4. How has that changed since you started exercising with Fitness Soul? 

The classes are part of my routine and I’m always looking forward to them. My fitness has improved greatly and so has my self-confidence:)

5. What do you like the most about Fitness Soul?

I love the community feel of the club and the diversity of the classes and the members. No one’s a stranger and no one judges you according to your fitness level!

6. Did we live up to your expectations? 

Yes and beyond

7. Was there anything that made you hesitate about joining us initially? If so, what was it? And how did we help you overcome them?

When I initially joined, I hadn’t workout in a while and had gained quite bit a of weight. I knew I had to get back in shape but felt intimidated a bit. One of my friends was already a member and invited me to go along. Joanna’s welcome was super warm and I could just go to my own rhythm without feeling pressured.

8. List 3 benefits you’ve noticed since joining Fitness Soul. 

Since joining I no longer get out of breath when I run after the bus or climb up the stairs. I understand my body’s needs better AND I even attended a Kettlebell competition!!!!

9. If you were to refer a friend to us, what would you tell them?  
The classes are fun, the instructors are motivating and the workouts are based on changing your life style not just getting results after Xmas dinner or before your summer holidays. It’s all about well-being and encouragements.



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