Part 1. More than just food. How to create a fantastic eating experience?


We love food. It gives us the energy to fuel our daily adventures. But is it more than just feeding. 

Cooking and eating together is one of the closest things you can share with another human being. It is a ritual, sincere admiration of nature and another person. 

It starts with planning. You either have a taste for something you had in the past, and you know that you like it or, more adventurously, you open the book and search for the perfect recipe. 

Then you hunt for the products. Sometimes it is as easy as popping down to your local store. Sometimes you need to be more thoughtful, as not all the products are always available. 

Back to the kitchen, bags full of fresh products, the next stage begins; washing, cutting, preparing, chopping, boiling, cooking. 

Stay focus, or you may lose the tip of the finger or worse, you might overcook the pasta. 

I have found food preparation as a perfect mindfulness exercise, it’s only now and here, arm up and down, knife chop, chop, chop on the chopping board.

In the meantime, it is time for the table, the main stage. There is something magical about the well-set table, with white plates and shining silverware, spotless glasses and ready to open the wine.  Pay attention to the details, make it spotless, tidy, everything in the right place. In a few minutes, it is going to be the backdrop for the show you have just prepared. 

Food is boiling hot and ready to be served. 

It’s time.

Amazing aroma finds its way to your nostrils, making your saliva thinner and mouth eager to taste. 

Not too fast. 

Place the food on the plate; make it look beautiful. Longer you wait, hungrier you get, and the meal will taste better. You will appreciate it more.

Pour the wine. 

When eating, enjoy every bite. Don’t rush; there is no medal for the first finisher. Be grateful for the food you have prepared, for the atmosphere you have created, for the other person’s presence. 

And for the dishwasher, which saves your time and effort, so you can focus on other, more romantic activities.

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