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Natasha's Bootcamp Story

I started doing bootcamp in January this year and have been pretty much hooked on it since! I’ve always been really into my fitness, but things were just plateauing in the gym – I was doing the same tired routines and just not getting anywhere. That and signing up for my very first marathon made me decide I needed to switch things up in terms of my workouts.

One year and several bootcamps later my fitness has come along leaps and bounds 🙂 

I’m stronger, have better functional fitness, have actually learned how to use kettlebells properly, and my running times have improved no end – in fact, I’m faster than I was in my early twenties (yayyy, thanks Richard & Fitness Soul). And I ticked off my goal of running a marathon, which was a huge achievement for me as I’m not naturally a strong runner at all!

The bootcamp environment is super inclusive and friendly – it literally doesn’t matter what level of fitness you’re at. Richard’s really good at helping you set your own personal goals that are challenging but achievable! And ultimately, it’s the process of getting fitter and seeing improvements that I love the most 😀 

Also, as someone who’s really not a morning person (like, really not…I’m usually still half asleep during the warm-up!) I found the early starts actually get me into a much better routine and make me feel more energetic throughout the day.

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