No pain – no gain. Let it die.

Eh, I must be getting old and sour, but…
What I observe, on the daily basics, is really embarrassing for the fitness world.
We, coaches, should know better; after all, we have experience and knowledge backed off by years of studying and observation but yet, time after time, we sell unrealistic programs, body transformations and fad diets.
It is not what people need.
People in their 30, 40 and 50 don’t need chiselled abs and gorilla biceps; let’s stop pushing those untenable goals on them. They don’t need or should weight their food, pop fat burning pills three times a day and hop on the scale every morning. And they definitely don’t need to deadlift 500kg.
People want to feel good. They want to be free to move; they want to be able to stand up from the floor, pain-free. They want to have enough stamina to play with their grandkids, and they desperately wish this beautiful dress to fit again. But they don’t want stiff necks, cranky knees, shoulder pain, starving and three days DOMS.
Let’s stop training clients like pro athletes. They are not. ”No pain – no gain” is an attribute of the past, let it die.
Instead, let’s help people become fully capable human beings.
They deserve it.
Rant over, till the next one

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