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Open Water Swimming Coaching – October-November Block

Improve your open water technique, swim faster and more efficiently.  There are 4 sessions in this Open Water Swimming Coaching course.
What’s included: Video, analysis, Open water safety, open water skills, drills to improve the stroke, off the water “swimming”, and strength training for swim.
Open to all, 18+, you need to swim freestyle -front crawl (at least 100m continuously).
WHEN: Sunday at 2:45 pm
The dates are 24th Oct, 31st Oct, 7th Nov & 14 th Nov.
WHERE: Joppa Steps (end of Portobello Promenade). There is easy parking on the main street. MAP
Small group – max 7 participants
PRICE for 4 sessions – £48
Book here
– wetsuits 
– swim cap
– goggles
The above is essential! You can also wear a second swim hat or neoprene hat, gloves and socks.
The session will be coached by Leszek (Ironman Coach, Level 2 Triathlon Coach & PT) and Joanna (Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach & Personal Trainer). Joanna & Leszek are owners at Fitness Soul and open water swimming enthusiasts.

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