Open Water Swimming Edinburgh

open water swimming edinburgh

You Deserve a Break!

A break from Covid, from bad news, from work drama, from the big list of daily tasks and duties. It is time to take care of yourself; learn how to calm down instantly, relax and enjoy nature.

Start Wild Swimming in Edinburgh

We would like to invite you to learn how to do these things with us. To come on a journey into the fascinating world of cold water immersion / sea swimming / winter swimming.

The benefits of cold water have been known for centuries – they weren’t invented by Wim Hof! It will help you to learn to breathe and relax. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and boosts your immune system.

During the wild swimming session, you will learn how to safely start cold water dips, the open water swimming equipment we recommend, all about the most helpful best cold water practices. We will teach you how to breathe for warmth and calmness.

Open to all, 18+, no previous experience required. Small group.

This is a very friendly, low key, challenge-by-choice experience. No one will make you swim and you will have an option to go in as deep as you want. Some people only get their feet wet; some choose to go up the neck, but we will all have great fun!

The session will be coached by Leszek (Ironman Coach and Level 2 Triathlon Coach) and Joanna (Level 2 Open Water Swimming Coach), the owners at Fitness Soul and cold water enthusiasts.

Open Water Weekly Swim Coaching:

Thursday  7pm –  Learn or Improve Front Crawl (weekly session, our regural class)

Thursday 8pm – Intro to Open Water Swim (pop up session, we host it once per a while)

Price: £7.9 or on of the Fitness Soul membership

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Open Water Private Swimming Coaching

One to one Open Water Swimming Coaching and Private Group Session also available.  Use the contact form below to enquire about prices. When emailing us, let us know about your swimming and open water swimming experience.

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