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Lose body fat. Get stronger. Feel Good. Look better naked. Try Zumba, Konga and Kettlebells.

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the best zumba classes in edinburgh in scotland

The instructors had belief in my abilities (even when I didn’t!) and it spurred me on to achieve more than I realised I could.

As a result, my body started to change- I lost fat, gained muscle and my cardiovascular fitness improved. People started commenting on how good I was looking. I felt stronger and more confident.


I have, like many others, convinced myself in the past that I have no strength and that I can’t lift anything other than the smallest of weights but there was definitely a moment where I attempted a 50kg deadlift and said “I can’t” and truly believed this to be true. Leszek took one look at me and said “I think you can” and you know what, I did. I have surpassed even my own expectations.

Grainne Dowds

kettlebell sport and kettlebell classes in edinburgh run by the only kettlebell club in Edinburgh

Fitness Soul is unique in every sense of the word.
At first, you feel the premises are basic but then you realise that it’s the people in it that drive you to your goals.

Leszek and Joanna are the craziest (good crazy) strongest, holistic, most encouraging and supportive team I’ve ever exercised with and I thank them for helping me love getting fit and strong again! 
fitness soul the best fitness in edinburgh

I found dancing and working out help release all the negative emotions and switched my brain off from all the negative thoughts and for that 45mins/hour, it was just me and my body, nothing else. The endorphin high after helped push those negative thoughts and emotions even further away and helped them stay away for a few days.


Finally, we have Fitness Soul. With an incredible story in the About Us section of their website, of a couple who decided to start their own studio, there is an incredible amount of character to this gym! They believe not just in physical strength, but mental wellness and spiritual care, and have classes of all kinds. They also cater to mothers with the Fitmama classes. This is truly a gym to join if you want to become part of a community too!’


A Place Where Passion And Love Meets The Latest Scientifically Proven Fitness Regimes

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Joanna,  Leszek and Fitness Soul Team