PE For Adults


How about fitness not being about reps and sets but fun and play?

We have been sold the idea that if we cannot measure it, it isn’t worth doing. The fitness coaches call for a specific number of repetition and rest, food need to be weighed and measured, and you need an app for meditation too.
I don’t deny, if you have a specific goal in mind, that’s the way. The shortest route is with the program: Want to run 5km in a particular time, there is a program for you. Want to finish the ironman, sure. Wish to drop 5kg, no probs.
The problem is, most people don’t have or even need a specific goal. They don’t need a six-pack, they don’t need or should drink artificial meal replacements, they don’t need deadlift 200kg or get shredded or have a body like Kardashian.

People just want to feel better and healthier with their bodies. They want to be able to play with the kids, sprint to catch the bus, cycle with friends, bring shopping home and don’t be embarrassed to take the shirt off on the beach.

And there is no program for it. You just need to do a wide range of activities, without focusing too much on the outcome. Try new things. Spend quality time outdoors. Be like a child who is not bothered by lack of skills, but tries until successful.

If you like this, we have something for you.

Here at Fitness Soul, we are trying a new class, PE for adults. Every week you will expose to a new idea, movement or a game. Embrace them and start having fun with fitness again.
Up for a challenge?
Let us know in the comment what day of the week would be the best for you and what sport would you like to try first!

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