Your personal trainer has the goals too, do you know them?


personal trainer leith


If you want to lose weight and be stronger, I’m here to help you. But my role does not finish here, I’ve got a bigger picture in mind.
I like to imagine you in 20 years from now, stronger and fitter than today; injuries free, happy and living a full, happy life.
Yes, it is possible.
This is my goal, and I hope you will buy in.

We will take the time; we will pay a lot of attention to the mobility and to the movement quality, working on the foundations. We will look at your eating habits and the stress management too. From time to time, we will push hard, it’s needed for realising your potential.
I will guide you first, and I will give you as much advice as you need. Together we will create a long-lasting fitness habit.
You will learn how to use different tools, from the kettlebells to the bosu and how to program your own training. And then you will become independent.

There is no one way of training. Everyone is different, and everybody’s needs are specific.
Talk to me, explain what you want and together we will create a right path, just for you.

Are you ready? Get in touch!

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