Most people struggle with getting fit, sticking to the fitness routine and keeping the weight off.

Personal Training Edinburgh helps you with achieving your personal health goals through nutrition and exercise so as a result you can look, feel and perform to your best and finally live with optimal health! Now we are offering Online Personal Training too!

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At Fitness Soul you will work with a team of professional coaches and personal trainers who are inspiring, knowledgeable and passionate.

Firstly, you will start with a thorough assessment, which will allow us to gain an integrated understanding of your needs and long-term goals.
From there we will build your customized personal training program so you can achieve all your fitness goals. Online personal training available.

Personal Training Edinburgh: what you can expect?

  • One to One ONLINE Personal Training Sessions - we come to your living room! (in the Private Fitness Studio in Leith - after the lockdown)
  • Nutritional Consultation & Audit
  • Guaranteed Results or Money Back
  • Free App Download to Follow and Report Progress on Your Workouts
  • Monthly Assessment & Review
  • Exclusive Access to Your Personal Trainer
  • Personalized, Progressive Workout Plans
  • Coaching & Motivation Support
  • Discount for Fitness Soul Membership
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Diet Recommendation
  • Support Group







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What Can You Achieve In 2 Months Of Personal Training?


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Leszek is a fantastic personal trainer, really motivates me to work hard. It’s always fun, with different routines and exercises to keep it interesting. And each session is a good laugh as well, no drill sergeant shouting stuff here 😁

He has helped me go from really rubbish fitness levels only a few months ago, to just completing my first 10k run last weekend and now training for a half marathon in Feb!

This strength coaching is for everyone, people like me who had no idea what to do in a gym, or for people who are already really fit and training for a big event like Ironman. Whatever your goals are, Leszek and his personal training edinburgh will get you achieving them!

Cannot recommend highly enough!

Joanne Sullivan

I reached out to Leszek after competing in a 70.3 in Aberfeldy and not being happy with my result. I signed up for Ironman Weymouth 70.3 because I wanted to better my time from Aberfeldy. The catch was, this would only allow for 3 weeks training and 1 taper week…

Leszek was well aware that this was going to be a challenge but this didn’t put him off taking me on! I met with him and we had a very long chat looking over all of the information/data I had from my previous race and we isolated where I could make the biggest improvements and we focused on this. For Leszek it was clear that my nutrition and my bike section of the race was wayyyyy off! We focused on this over the next 3 weeks with detailed training plans for the 3 disciplines with a main focus on the bike, as this was where my biggest gain could come from. He checked in with me every day after my sessions to see how they went and how I was feeling. This really helped me to stay on track.

We had another meeting prior to the race to go through my strategy and nutrition and this really helped settle my nerves. Throughout the entire training process, Leszek was mega helpful answering my hundreds of questions (literally hundreds…) and this ultimately lead to me not only beating my time from the previous race but smashing it!

Would definitely recommend him to other athletes looking to improve their training and fitness! Worth the money!

Thanks, Leszek!

Oscar Ball

rat race training

The City to Summit was my first endurance event and I got in touch with Leszek only 4 months before the challenge.

I really couldn’t have completed it without his help. He took the time to walk me through my training programme and why it needs to be structured in a certain way, the importance of nutrition (both during training and on the day) and also how your body works – e.g. mentally, anaerobic versus aerobic, heart rate zones etc.

As well as being an Ironman certified coach, Leszek is also a serious athlete, having competed in a number of Iron Man events himself – so he knows first-hand what it feels like. 

Stephanie Livingston

celtman triathlon coaching

Leszek has set me up with a simple but effective programme involving the development of technique at the start and then gradually building weight as we go on. My basic programme involves foam rolling at the start of any session and then a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises and finishing with stretching.

I’ve been doing the programme for just over a month with a gradual build in weight. As a general comment, I would say that I had been doing most things wrong or with poor technique previously and that (after some coaching from Leszek) doing the exercises with good technique is harder but brings better results and obviously less chance of injury.

Bruce Wilson

personal training testimonial

I’ve started personal training sessions with Leszek one month before for body recomposition and conditioning. 

Leszek is an outstanding personal trainer with vast knowledge in the exercise field. He is an expert on strength and conditioning training, and every session was testing for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced personal trainer.

Johny D

personal trainer in edinburgh

I have done conditioning exercise most of my life in many forms and typically train with combative arts so I am no stranger to exercise yet I am amazed at how good this training is.

Leszek is an inspiration who knows his craft better than anyone else I have trained with and has a genuine passion for seeing you improve.
It doesn’t matter if you are a Kettlebell monster or noob, as stated I am the latter, you will be welcome and each session builds perfectly on the last until you are working as a pro.

Don’t assume it to be light, but then what in life is worth doing that is 🙂

Damian Lynch

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Cossete is a dentist who struggles with sore neck and shoulders. Strength training helps her to be pain free so she can help others.



Our creed and values don’t permit us to give anything other than a highly personalised and individually-tailored personal training service, working as closely as possible with our clients and giving them my undivided attention in order to achieve the very best results.

This means that we can only work with five personal training clients one-on-one at any given time. Once the maximum of five clients is reached, all other applicants will be put on a waiting list. If this is the case, you can still join my group classes and I will let you know as soon as there is space for you on my personal training programme.

*if you don’t feel and look better after 12 weeks on my personal training program we will give you your money back.

*no supplements policy, vegan friendly

*prices in range from £145 to £595 per month 

results or money back

Meet Fitness Soul Personal Trainers

Joanna Weintritt – Female Personal Trainer Edinburgh (Leith)

Fitness Presenter, Ironman Finisher, Fitness Soul Studio Co-owner

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye” 

Antoine de Saint Exupery

Leszek Stelmachowski – ONLINE Personal Trainer Edinburgh (Leith)

I help busy people to get active and eat better so they can feel physically and mentally strong.

  • MSc in Physical Education
  • Level 2 Triathlon Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Ironman Certified Coach
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • IKFF Kettlebell Coach
  • British Weight Lifting Coach
  • Crossfit L1 Coach
  • 3x Ironman
  • Celtman Blue T-shirt Finisher

Great results don’t just happen, they happen because you make them happen!

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