7 Unbelievable Misconceptions You May Still Believe About Personal Training!


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Believe it or not, there are at least 7 surprising misconceptions about personal training that many people still erroneously believe as gospel. Allow me to dispel the shroud of uncertainty and shed light on the truth.

Brace yourself for some surprising revelations!

  1. Myth: The Painful Workout is the Most Effective: In reality, feeling pain during your workout is not a sign of effectiveness. It could indicate that you’re pushing your body too hard or in an incorrect manner.
  2. Myth: Heavier Weights Give Bulkier Muscles: Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavier weights won’t necessarily make your muscles bulkier. It’s about the blend of repetition, form, and consistency.
  3. Myth: Personal Trainers are for Celebrities Only: This is quite a common misconception. Personal trainers are for everyone who wish to achieve their fitness goals in a more structured and scientifically guided manner.
  4. Myth: You Shouldn’t Eat Before a Workout: This one always surprises me. On the contrary, your body needs fuel to perform. A light meal or a snack high in protein can actually help you achieve a more fruitful workout.
  5. Myth: Longer Workouts Deliver Better Results: In fact, it’s the intensity and technique of the workout that matters most, not the time you invest.
  6. Myth: Personal Trainers ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Approach: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Reputable trainers customise workout programmes based on individual’s fitness level, goal, age, and medical history.
  7. Myth: Daily Workouts are Essential: Here’s the shocker – over-training might lead to injury and other health issues. Rest days are equally important as they give your body time to recover and build up strength.

Pardon me for bursting the bubble, but I thought that it was high time we separated facts from fiction. Feel free to apply these hardly-known truths to your own fitness journey and brace yourself for a world of change!

I hope you find this illuminating and engaging. If you have more myths to debunk or any questions to ask, feel free to drop me a line. And if you are looking for a personal training in edinburgh, look no further!


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