I ate pizza last night.


I ate pizza last night; fat, greasy pizza from a local Italian fish shop.
It was so fresh, from the oven to my belly.

I know you are like, hey, I thought you always ate healthy…

What about clean eating? What about proteins? Are you becoming one of those guys who preach one thing and do the opposite?

Not at all.

I am all about balance.
One pizza on Friday night will not make me fat. The reason is I will ensure that for the next few days, I will be careful with my food and I will not overeat again.

Remember, you will not gain weight unless you eat more than you need. It is about balancing calories for not a day or two but weeks and months. So as long I keep my calories lower for the next few days, I will be fine.

On the other hand, if I decide to eat pizza again tonight, and that cake, and another pizza tomorrow, I would have a problem.

And even cycling 100k on Saturday and running 20k on Sunday would not help.
I would gain weight for sure.
So what can you take from it?
Enjoy your food, don’t deprive yourself but be careful of not overdulging.

One ‘’bad meal’’ will not ruin your fat loss journey. Return to your lower calories, full of protein foods, and be on alert for the next few days.


Enjoy your food!






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