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Post Pregnancy Exercise – When I can restart?


If you are a Mum who just had a baby and you can’t wait to restart exercise!!! I can hear you but don’t go crazy and wait at least 6 weeks (or 10 weeks if you had C- section). You should have at postnatal check-up with your midwife or GB.  Once you have a clear way to go you can restart your fitness journey.

Pick up a class which has a low impact option and doesn’t involve loads of crunches. We want to strengthen the core muscles but there are better ways to do that then doing crunches. If there is a class with a Post Natal Specialist in your area, go for it. You will be in the safe hands.  Don’t get frustrated if the progress is slow. It took you 9 months to grow your baby, so give yourself at least 9 months.

If you need to some supportive environment join our FitMamas crew at Fitness Soul. We are also launching a class in South Edinburgh very soon!

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