Raw Chocolate & Banana Ice-Cream Cake


Here is a recipe for Raw Chocolate & Banana Ice-Cream Cake.  It’s made from natural ingridients. There is no sugar , no flour no diary in it, only nuts, seeds and fruits. I made it first time for my dad’s Bday. He loved it so did my 5 years old niece. The cake is super delicious and easy to make! It’s inspired by rawsome vegan baking recipe. Perfect for Bday, any other occasion or if you are in need for something sweet ;-). This cake can’t go wrong (I hope ;-)).  So don’t be affraid and be creative :-). For the crust as long it’s sticks together and not too soft it’s fine. I’ve used hemp seeds and 1/3 of cup flaxseed once, the other time I have used brazil nuts and 1/3 of cup flaxseed. raw ice cream cake

You will need quite a lot of dates. If your dates are not soft, soak them in the hot water for few mintues untill soft, then poor the water away. If soaking your dates you might have to add more nuts and seeds for your crust!  If you make it please take a photo and tag me in it. Hope you enjoy it :-)!

x Joanna


Raw Birthday CakeCrust:

1 cup of dates

1 cup of seeds and nuts (

4 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder


Blend nuts and seeds in your blender or food processor. Take them away. Blend the dates till they are smooth and sticky. Put everything together (seeds, dates and cocao) in the bowl and mix it up like a dough (you can try to do it in the belneder too). Press the crust into the bottom and the sides of rounded springform.


3 frozen bannanas (freeze them in advance, but don’t worry if you don’t)

1cup of pitted dates

2 cups of cashews

2 tbl raw coconut oil

4 tbl raw cacao powder

1 glass of water (or more)


Blend everything together slowly adding water. The filling chould be smooth and creamy.

Spread it into the crust.  Put into the freezer for few hours (until frozen). Before serving let it thaw a little bit so it’s nice and soft (same way you would do it with an ice cream)

Decorate with nuts berries, coconut falakes and homemade chocolate. Be creative 🙂


if you want to add a tiny bit of twist you an add one or all of those:

  1. Add swirl raw homemade chocolate (1 to 1 or cacao powder and melted coconut oil with as much as needed agave syrup or any other liquid sweetner)

2. Nuts

2. Peanut Butter or Nut Butter






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