Seven Steps to the Pain-Free Back


Why your back hurts and what to do about this?


I’m a strength coach with more than 20 years of experience. During my career, I’ve helped at least a dozen people with their back pain. The fix is permanent, but you have to work for it. 

I have a lot of hands-on expertise, but I am not a doctor nor a physio. All the techniques described below will make you stronger and healthier, my clients and I can vouch for them, but I would advise you to get the all-clear from your MD first anyway.

Ready? Let’s start.

You are not going to like it, and I’m not going to sugar coat it; your back hurts, and there is a big chance this is your fault. 

Surprised? Angry? 

I hit the soft spot, didn’t I? 


Everyone needs a little kick in the backside; this is yours. 

I think you have been neglecting your fitness for a long time; you are slightly overweight, you sit too much and move too little. 

Your body is forgiving, but when it had enough, it has communicated with you in the only way it could, with the pain. And what did you do? Of course, the worst thing on the list, you have stopped moving entirely and start popping the painkillers and topping up with prosecco. 

Do you realise it is not going to get better unless you start doing something, don’t you? 

You can start asap, with the seven proven steps to the pain-free back I am going to share with you below. 

This is your lucky day; I am giving you the cure :) 

Seven steps to the pain-free back.

  1. Sit less and move more
  2. Drink more water 
  3. Eat nutritional foods
  4. Get good at squatting, squat often, deep.
  5. Strengthen your glutes 
  6. Make sure your hamstrings are in the great shape
  7. Take care of your hip flexors.


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