SQUATEMBER – Septemeber Squat Challange


Become a master of squats in this 30 days Squat Challenge spending only a couple minutes per day.  This is our second year of the Squatember. You will learn 10 basic exercises which you can take at your own level. If you are new to fitness do one set, intermediate 2 or hard-core 3 or more. The workout ends with a final challenge.

We think squats are one of the best total body exercises. They work our legs and our core, teaching us correct posture and are a good foundation for other exercises.

We hope you will enjoy this challenge. Post videos, share the experience with us. We would love to know how you get on. You can follow us on our squat journey at Fitness Soul. #squatember


1.Watch our tutorial video

2. Dowload PDF file to print  here or just use the jpg below.Squatember

Did you enjoy the challenge? Show your amazing squats on one of our Fitness Soul Classes!


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