Joanna Weintritt

Joanna Weintritt

Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor & Head Coach

Staycation in Edinburgh, Scotland

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In the middle of the dark Scottish winter, during the coronavirus pandemic and almost year-long depressing lockdown, Fitness Soul owners Joanna and Leszek wanted to bring some fun.

Their beach holiday’s plans have been scrapped, flights cancelled, and morale was very low. What’s worse, they notice that most of their clients have had a hard time too, not seeing the end of this. 

It was time for a staycation! 

It has started with an innocent sunbathing photoshoot on the local beach (Wardie Bay)

Then there was a bbq in the garden and then a pink flamingo session. 

To be continued… 🙂

Joanna & Leszek

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