Strength and Conditioning For Runners Workshop is perfect for you if you:

  • are a regular runner or just want to start runnig
  • want to run faster, further and stronger
  • want to avoid running injuries and increase your physical durability
  • want to learn some key strength and conditioning exercises
  • want to step up the distance you are running
  • want to learn how to incorporate strength training into your overall training schedule  in the most efficient manner

This workshop is for runners of all levels.

strength for runners

Benefits of strength traininig for runners:

  • improved running economy, increased efficiency of oxygen and energy demand
  • increased power
  • decreased injury risk
  • increased strength endurance
  • increased muscle and tendon’s ability to manage the load demands placed upon it

You will learn:

– why strength training is important for runners
– new exercises & technique correction
– exercise progressions
– how to plan long term strength plan 


1 month online program to follow; delivered via our mobile app.

All abilities welcomed. All equipment is provided. Please wear comfortable clothes and trainers.

Leszek is a Head Personal Trainer & Triathlon Coach at Fitness Soul. 

He helps runners & triathletes getting strong before the competitions and those suffering from injuries and are returning to training. He runs weekly strength for triathlon class – STRONG CLUB – for Edinburgh Triathletes

Leszek is keen triathlete himself, he has competed in triathlons up to Ironman distance (3x) and recently he finished Celtman – Extreme Scottish Triathlon

When: Saturday 24th August, 11:15am

Where: Fitness Soul Studio, eh64ar, 34 Tennant Street

Price: £19

Booking: Click here to book your space

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