Strength for Running Matters


He does crazy long hills runs, Celtman every so often, he also plays underwater hockey and he also finds time for a Strong Club! This is Matt’s story:”

”I’ve never had any desire (or ability) to be a muscle-bound hulk or an Olympic gymnast so had always written off any kind of strength or mobility training as irrelevant to me.
However, when I got into my 30s I noticed I started to pick up more and more niggles and injuries through sport and exercise and became vaguely aware I should probably pay more attention to it.
Unfortunately, unlike running and cycling, which I can muddle through myself, and swimming, where I’ve been going to an excellent class for years, it’s an area I knew very little about and therefore put off doing something about it.
Going to Strong Club over the last couple of years has been excellent at dealing with this – I’m finally putting some time and effort into improving my strength and conditioning and the parts focusing on stretching and mobility really seem to help my recovery.
Most importantly (touch wood) I seem to be getting less injuries. Whilst I’m pretty sure I’m still not going to be Mr Universe or a professional acrobat it is letting me spend more of my time doing fun stuff and that’s something I’m very happy about.”
You can find out more about Strong Club here:

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