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Most triathletes struggle with a weak core, lazy glutes and niggling injuries.

We help you to get stronger, improve your movement quality and eat better so you can feel physically and mentally strong & achieve all your goals.
how strength can improve your triathlon and running
strength and conditioning

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Each class is focused on your strength, stability, mobility, and flexibility so you can run faster, swim longer and cycle pain-free!

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core workout
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18:00 - 18:45

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Drop-in – £10 10 classes pass – Valid 3 months – £80 One class per week – (5 classes in October) – £35 (ET £25) Two classes per week (9 classes in October) – £50 (ET £40) BLOCK of ALL October, November, December STRONG CLUB classes: £99 Free – Fitness Soul Memberships

need to know

  • class time: 45 minutes
  • class level: Medium
  • workout intensity: medium
  • group size: up to 16 people

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