Sweet Potato Spaghetti with Sundried Basil Tomato Pesto . That was a very tasty experiment where I manage to destroy brand new spiralizer ;-). When buying spiralizer make sure it’s a good quality. Enjoy 🙂

sweet potato sphagetti with sundried tomato pesto

Ingredients ( 3 portions):

1 large sweet potato

1 jar Sundried Tomatos (or 140g)

2 branches of fresh basil

2 handfull of brazil nuts

1 spoon of pepper

1/4 olive oil

3/4 water





Spirlize the sweet potatoes and fry them on the pan until softer (you don’t want them to be completley soft as they will fall apart ). The rest of ingridients blend together. If you are using dry sundried tomatoes soak them in warm water before for about 20 min.


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