The BEST DIET ever alert!


You will feel energized, stronger, fitter and your body will go to its natural shape. Combining it with daily movement will make you a BADASS!


best diet


The best diet you can have is eating real food! I don’t believe in magic pills and shakes! They are money-making scams. Your body needs food. Actual food which you can find in the woods or grow on the farm. If you read the label and you can’t explain where the half of the stuff comes from that’s probably ain’t food.

Try making your food from the scratch, it doesn’t have to be fancy. This lunch took me 10 minutes to make. Toasted sweet potato with eggs on a bed of rocket. I guarantee you will feel so much better!  Try to eat real food with lots of veggies for a week and tell me if you feel better. Would love to hear from you:-)

This post is sponsored by eggs, sweet potatoes & rocket . I won’t try to sell them to you and I will not get any provision if you buy them. Enjoy 

x Joanna

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