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The Secret Revealed. Note from Gozo on the second day of Christmas.

second day of christmas

Would you like to know my secret? 

This little hack will make you happier and healthier, immediately, and will set the tone for the upcoming New Year’s Resolution extravaganza. 

It will help you to stick to it for longer, stronger, and when in February most of your friends will be undoubtedly talking about another resolution fail, you will be just warming up, healthy and with purpose. 

There is one condition tho.
I will share it with you only if you promise me you will share it further with others. And at least, you will consider acting on it. 

But if you have no means acting on it, save yourself time and stop reading now. Eat another cake. Or two. In fact, if you roll on your other side, there should be enough space for another mince pie in your stomach. Just be careful, so you don’t smash the remote controller. Can you imagine the pain of not being able to switch to another channel from the comfort of your sofa bed? You will have to get up!

You still here? Great!
If you still reading, you are at least curious and willing to try something new.

So as promised, a secret!

But wait, you already know what I wanted to say, don’t you? Yes, this is that obvious. Clever you! 

Don’t wait until the first of January. If you want to change something in your life, start now. Act. And if you fail, start again. It is that simple, yet only a few will understand and apply.


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