The Worst Fitness Club


Join our gym, and you will NOT achieve a six pack in 6, 12 or 18 weeks, guaranteed.
More, if you are not genetically gifted and prepared to do a lot of work, you might never see one.

What about a bikini-ready body?

You can wear a bikini now! You are just perfect, and there is good weather for it.
However, if you dream about this photo model picture you have seen in the magazine, you better start learning how to Photoshop!

But, but, but, the other gyms promise those fast transformation, they have pictures to back it up and everything.

Yes, but those are their successful stories, top 5%. Those people were naturally gifted to start with, they worked super hard, and they were prepared to eat from plastic box the same three meals every day for months in the row. Are you?

Moreover, what about the other 95% who tried and failed their transformation programs, having enormous expectations blown out of the proportions by social media and influences, who lost their interest in fitness altogether?

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to become a good marathon runner in 3 months.
We accept that.
It takes years and years of consistent work, hours upon hours spent running, stretching, working on strength and flexibility. Smart, focused work.
The same is true for all the other aspects of life.
It’s true, but we don’t like the truth. We want to be lied to and we always look for a secret pill to solve all our problems.

You will not find those pills at our gym.

Instead, you will:

  • Be held accountable by a coaches
  • Consistently work towards your fitness goals
  • Feel good
  • Have more energy at work and for your family
  • Eating healthier
  • Have a lot of fun
  • Meet new interesting people
  • Achieve things you would never think you were capable of.
  • As eventually, learn how to live and love fitness

Only then the six pack may emerge. However, at this point, it will not be relevant to you anymore.

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