Mark Appleford – Chinese Medicine |Fitness Soul Podcast #4


My today’s guest, Mark Appleford is a Chinese medicine practitioner, martial artist and Tui Na magician.

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In this episode you will learn:
• what is Tui Na
• how to reduce stress and anxiety in 3 easy steps
• what are 4 pillars of Chinese medicine
• and much more!

”Health is a strong passion of mine and has led me to explore and experience it in many different arena’s and forms. It has led me to go deeply into holistic systems such as Chinese Medicine and philosophy, this combined with over 15 years as a Mental health professional has given me a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Using this I work to bring equilibrium to a persons systems so that recovery and resilience can begin in that clients chosen arena, which could range from just living to excelling in sport and movement.
I work to the need of a clients mind and body, helping to get to clear the things that are impeding on the recovery process.
The tools I use are Clinical Hypnosis, Tuina- Chinese Physical Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Meditation/Mindfulness and Qigong/ Chi Kung. All of which are powerful stand alone treatment modalities, in combination they can become very effective.
My skill is putting then all together for a clients individual needs and context”

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